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History of Java 

1-What is java, Why Java ?

2-Who Invented Java ?

3-Prerequisites to learn java ?

4-Java history and feature ?

5-Java Abbreviation  ?

6-Java Versions and Released date ?

7- Definition of Java ?

8-Where Java is Used ?


Q-1 What is java ?

Ans- java is a platform independent object oriented programming language .

Q-2 Who Invented java ?

Ans- Java is invented by a scientist james gosling in Sun microsystem for developing internet application .

Q-3 Why Java ?

Ans- It is invented to achieve platform independency for developing internet based business applications , using java we can develop both stand alone and internet application .

Q-4  Prerequisites to learn java ?

Ans- There are no prerequisites to learn java, we can start java as first programming language .no need to have c,c++ programming knowledge .

note- c language knowledge is not required for learning java but c language knowledge is compulsory for indepth logical programming and to pass interviews rounds to get job .

Java has prerequisites , we must have awareness on internet usage and mathematical calculation using + ,- ,*.% operators because java is ment for developing internet based business app in business operation maximus will have adding and subtracting money, for eg Bank business .

Q-5 Java History ?

Ans-James gosling , mike sheridon and patrick naughton initiated the java language project in june 1991.

java was originally designed for developing software for network consume electronics devices .

The language was initially called OAK .OAK is a tree that stood outside goslings office .

It went by the name green later and was later renamed Java.

Q-6 Java Abbreviation .

Ans- There is no abbreviation for java .   the development team of java has just chosen this name . the name java specially doesn't have any meaning rather it refers to hot aromatic drink coffee .because the name derived from coffee cup .java icon is "coffee cup" .

Q-7 Java version And Released date .

Ans- Sun micro-systems released the first public implementation as java 1.0 Jan 23,1996 .it promised "write once , run anywhere " (WORA) on population platform such as Windows OS , Linux OS, Solaris OS , mac OS .

By adding more features to java long support industry java language is updated and released in the market with the different version number of java is 1.0 and latest version of java is 1.8 , the new version of java 1.9 is about to release expecting in this year .

Q-8 Java features .

Ans- It has 10 main features , they are -





-Platform Independent

-Object Oriented

-Multi Threading

-High Performance


More 4 features

-Byte code


-Garbage collection

-open source

Simple Java

Java is simple because of below 2 reasons

i-java learning is easy

ii-Project development also easy

Java learning is easy because its syntaxes are similar to c & c++ and omits many of the features that makes c & c++ complex confusing and unsafe . so in java we don't implement the most horrible topic such as pointer , structure ,union ,operator overloading ,multiple dass inheritance and many more , therefore java is easy .

java is simple from development point of view because , java provides rich set up predefined program ( library , api ) for making project development easy and simple . so in java project development, we no need to develop complete project from zero level concept , we should use predefined api and should develop only this project specific code .


java is secure , because it providing security features at .

i- Source code level

ii- data level

iii- database interaction level .

java provide security at code execution level by using byte code verification . it means before running java program , jvm will verify this java  program jvm will verify this java program code has  any malicious code or virus or tempered by using special program available in it ie byte code verifier if it found the code is tempered it will not execute this program , error will be thrown .

java provide security at data level by using data hiding and encapsulation by providing accessibility modifiers private and public it means jav by using private we can stop other  programs accessing our program data ,we can allow only authorised people to access our project program data .


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