MVC Architecture

MVC Architecture

1- The Standard architecture used to design a project is MVC 

2-The Standard architecture used for developing project is LC-RP .

Main points of MVC-

1-Abbreviation and definition of MVC .

2-Central idea of MVC .

3- Advantages Of MVC .

4-How MVC Can Support Parallel Development and separation of roles of code development .

5-What is layer and what will be there in model view and controller layer ?

6-- MVC Architecture Diagram .

7- MVC Execution Flow With Java Technologies 

8- Why this architecture is named as MVC ?

9-Technologies combination used in project development ?

10-Software Engineers Skills .

11-About software industry and important terminology , types of projects , types of teams and types of  companies .

1-Definition Of MVC .

MVC Stands for model view control .MVC is a standard architectural design pattern for developing world wide web applications initially this architecture is used for developing only web applications ,now a days we are also developing stand alone applications also to use its advantages

Design pattern is a solution to recurring problem .mvc is the solution  to project architecture level problem .so mvc is called architectural design pattern .

2-The central idea behind mvc is separation of roles of code development to achieve code reusability , parallel development and fast development .

3-Advantages Of MVC-

ii- separation of roles of code development

ii-code reusability

iii-parallel development

iv-development is fast

v-Time and money saved

because of above advantages mvc become standard architecture for developing all project using any language (java or, .NET Or, PHP )

4-How mvc an separate roles of code development ?

based on the types of operation we performing project mvc can separate roles of code development in every project we will perform 3 operations they line-

i-Reading input and displaying output
ii-Performing Validation and calculations to generate output by controlling execution flow .
iii-storing output permanently in a database or in files .

Above 3 operation can be developed separately by creating separate programs . hence based on above 3 operations developing style mvc can separate  roles of caode development is fast .

Hence if you design project by following mvc architecture the project will contain 3 layers

i-Model layer
2-view layer
3-Controller layer .

5-What is layer ?

The logical separation of code in project is called layer , each layer contains one or more programs as one groups to perform particular operation mvc architecture divides project into 3 layers



iii-controller layers

i-model layer 

a program or a group of program  performing CRUD Operation on db are collectively called model .
jdbc and hibernate comes under model layer

ii-view layer

performing data presentation operation by creating Gui and report are collectively called view
html and jsp programs are come unders view layer

iii-Controller layer-

A program or a group of programs performing controlling , validation and calculations operations are collectively called controller .servlet and core java logic programs are comes under controller  layer .

6-MVC Architecture Diagram 

i-user uses controller for sending input to project 

ii-then controller will perform manipulations (v & c) by using model components by interacting with database 

iii-the model generated output will be updated in jsp view pages in html tags ..

iv-finally the dynamically generated html page will passed to browser displays output .

above diagram is not showing you actual  execution flow of projects .below diagram will show you mvc architecture execution flow .

above two architecture diagram are common to all projects and all language .

7-Below diagram will show you mvc architecture based project in java language .

8-Why this architecture name is M-V-C ?

Thic architecture name as M-V-C based on the sequential order this architecture suggest us to design project components . this architecture suggest to design components in the below order .

i-First we should design DB objects following by model components to perform CRUD Operations.

ii-Then next we should design view components to read input from user and to display output to user .
iii-Finally we should design controller components for integrating view and model components for integrating view and model components to exchange input and output values .

9-Technologies Combination Used in Project Development .

once a project came into software company , project design and manger will decide  first end and back end development technologies based on the  scale of the project ,.

high scale project is developed by using java and oracle .

medium sacle projects are developed by using .NET and sql server .

low sacle projects are developed by using PHP and mysql

large scale projects means its data require high security and its contain many functionalty , generaly large scale application are developed by using java but according to real world we can use any of the above 3 languages to devellop  any scale based application . .

11-Software Engineer skills 

To became software engineer , to develop MVC Based any layer component , we must acquire below skills .

i-one programming language -Java/.NET/PHP

II-UI Preparation language -HTML,CSS

III-Validation Scripting language-Javascript

iv-One database-oracle/sqlserver/mysql

v-Server OS- Unix commands and shell scripting .

vi-problem solving skills -CRT and C with Data structure 

vii-Presentation Skills-MS OFFICE

Viii-Communication   skills-English

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