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Friday, 2 March 2018

Difference between Print() and Println() Methods ?


Difference between Print() and Println() Methods ?

Print() method will displaying given value in the same line and places cursor in the same so that the next coming value  will be also displayed in the same line .

where as println method will display the  value in same line the moves cursor to next line . so that the next displaying value will be printed in the next line .

the "ln" property is applicable in next displaying values but not on current displaying value .

hence we must choose either print() or println() method depending on the next  value printing line .

if we want print both current value  and next value in the same line , we must  display current value by using print () method .

if we want to print current value and next value in different lines we must display current value by using println () method .

Question-Develop a program to display the below 5 statements in 3 line as shown in the below pattern .

input                  Output
A                        A, B
C                       C, D
D                        E


New javaprogram.java

Class javaprogram{
public static void args(String[]args){

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